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Protecting the American Standard of Living

Posted on: March 29th, 2016 by Tiffany Royall No Comments

There is no state in the U.S. where a minimum wage worker working full time can afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent.
(National Low Income Housing Coalition).

And you still think that Davis-Bacon work is not a necessity? Davis-Bacon does more than help with prevailing wages on projects, it is about Protecting the American Standard of Living.

The Davis-Bacon Act helps improve local economies by generating the prevailing wage law benefits to the community. “When working in a community, 2.4 times the amount spent on local construction goes into local shops and restaurants and pays the local taxes.” (Bac Web) “Additional economic benefits include: funding for building trades health and pension plans, training programs, immunizing the employees, an upward track for minority members of community to advance into higher-paying occupations.”(Bac Web)

Does the Davis-Bacon Act impede or improve labor markets? This is a huge debate for many. The facts themselves show it improves labor markets, but some Construction Professionals think it hinders their ability to perform the job by submitting payrolls weekly and trying to stay compliant during construction. Davis-Bacon promotes investment in human capital within the industry. “Construction is a competitive natured job/career. Construction workers are trained for their skill, it often takes years of schooling and apprenticeship to gain proper experience. With our innovative and evolving world of technology, these skills are being challenged and re-trained periodically. Workers have to be paid fairly to keep up with training and to do a great job that follows regulations. Davis-Bacon ensures the proper functioning of labor markets by grounding the industry’s competition in fair wages: making contractors compete.” (Bac Web).

Are you ready for a Davis-Bacon project now? Contact First Housing to discuss training, set up a Pre-Construction Conference, or assist you with project compliance administration. We have Experienced Professionals ready to answer the questions you may have. Email us today at

Already have a Davis-Bacon project started and need a poster, order online at

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