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Child Support

Posted on: July 18th, 2019 by Christa Landram No Comments

Child support agreement sitting on desk with pen on top

A few people have expressed confusion regarding how Florida Housing monitors child support; so, I have written a succinct explanation in hopes that it will provide clarification.

If an owner has a court order and a printout from the enforcement agency, the owner is now allowed to use the average payment from the printout, if:

1. The printout is from the actual enforcer (this does not include; AND

2. There is at least 3 months of history (this can include $0).

If one of the above criteria is not met, then the amount on the court order MUST be used.

As a reminder, the following steps should always be taken:

1. Every household should be asked if there is child support or if child support is due, even if children are not present in the household.

2. A child support affidavit is not required if the file is properly documented with these answered questions:

a. Do you receive child support?

b. Are you entitled to receive child support?

c. At what frequency are you entitled to receive child support?

3. The questions should cover ALL children.

4. The court order in its entirety is recommended; however, if the printout from the enforcement agency clearly shows the amount due to them, the frequency of pay, the contributor, and the children(s) names, then it will not be a discrepancy if the court order is not present. This is an exception and should not be the standard. Most everyone can retrieve their court order, as they are located and accessible in court archive


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