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Physical Inspections

Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by Sebrina Darby No Comments

A physical inspection is a large part of the State’s annual management review.  Management needs to advise all residents of an upcoming review, in writing, at least 24 hours prior to the review. It is not necessary for residents to be home at the time of the review.

Upon arrival for an inspection, the monitor will provide a list of the units to be inspected.  At this time, the monitor should be informed if there has been recent bed bug activity on the property, if any units are down and unavailable for occupancy, and any other issues of which the monitor may not be aware.

One unit per building (or BIN if the property has Housing Credits) will be chosen.  This may be more or less according to the property’s program requirements. In addition, a sampling of vacant units will be inspected. A minimum of two vacant units (or 15% of the vacant units, depending on the program) will be inspected. When a property is 100% occupied, the monitor will inspect two additional occupied units (according to the program). During the inspection, the monitor will want to see every building, even if a unit is not chosen in all buildings.

Management should organize the inspection so that occupied units, vacant units, and amenities are inspected in a uniform manner.  The monitor will inspect each bedroom and all living spaces. Photographs will be taken of any deficiencies identified. It is vital that the entire unit be accessible. Doors should not be locked and pets should be contained in a manner that the entire unit can be inspected. During the unit inspection, the manager (or maintenance representative) should turn on the stove top and oven, flush the toilets, and test the smoke alarm(s).

All required amenities will be inspected and photographed. If deficiencies are noted, a work order and/or invoice will be required. If the deficiency is corrected prior to the end of the review, a copy of the work order will need to be supplied prior to leaving the premises.


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