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Welcome to the new, original, and exciting First Housing blog!

Posted on: September 18th, 2013 by Christa Landram 4 Comments

The first and most important question we can answer is: why are we blogging? We have always touted ourselves as the Industry Experts; so we thought, why not show you why and share our vast knowledge with the world?

Now, you may be asking yourself, what’s in this for you? As the industry is constantly fluctuating, we want to share our thoughts on these changes and the industry trends while getting feedback from you. With each of these changes, we are always flooded with questions from our customers. It is clear to us that if one person has a question, chances are that many others will have that same question as well. We are excited to use this forum as a place to share these questions and invite further discussion from you, our readers! As a bonus, there will be weeks when we will give pointers and lessons to train you in the skills that are connected to our industry!

Furthermore, because it is so important to keep up with these changes and trends, First Housing will work tirelessly to ensure you are kept up to date with pertinent information. We have experts with over 120 years combined experience who spend the time each and every day to go through the many different newsletters that are available to our industry and hand-pick the best articles so you do not have to spend your valuable time wading through trivial information. This is our goal, our driving force, where our passion grows—to share, to help, to lead.

However, we cannot do this alone. While First Housing is the affordable housing expert, comprised of affordable housing experts, we still enjoy sharing other’s opinions and their wealth of knowledge. We are never too prideful to sit and listen to what others have to say. That is why there will be times when we will write an original article that we think is relevant, insightful, and interesting. We want to share this information with you, and let you write back with any questions or opinions you may have.

Get involved! Leave comments! Leave feedback! Opinions are encouraged and appreciated, and will help us further tailor our content to suit your needs. As always, we will welcome dissenting opinions. However, blatant negativity and offensive comments will be deleted, so please respect the forum and let’s have fun and help each other learn along the way!

4 Responses

  1. Anne Gehlsen says:

    Excellent! Can’t wait for more!

  2. Bill Metler says:

    Great to have a centralized source for affordable housing information!

  3. Jennifer Bolt says:

    Can’t wait to see more! Very informative.

  4. Claire Moyers says:

    Great! Wish more states would do this!

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